DataNumen PSD Repair Discount: Have Fantastic Coupon in 2020

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DataNumen PSD Repair Discount

There should not be any doubt that, PhotoShop is still one of the most popular drawing tools. It creates the drawing files in the PSD format. Sometimes, these files get corrupted due to several reasons. In such a case DataNumen PSD Repair is very much impressive. It is capable of recovering so much data from a corrupted PSD file.

Review of DataNumen PSD Repair

DataNumen is a famous software brand. This company provides different types of recovery and repairing tools. Almost every product of this brand comes with some common facilities. For example, each of these products has some impressive pricing facilities. More importantly, each of these tools is efficient in dealing with the respective files. DataNumen PSD Repair is capable of repairing the Photoshop files. This software can save the valuable time of yours. At the same time, it is an affordable solution too. So, please get the  powerful tool to recover corrupt photoshop image with discount and have the DataNumen PSD Repair coupon.

Recovery Various Elements

From any kind of PSD files, this tool can bring out the images and layers. It supports multiple depth settings while dealing with any files. We know that there can be various properties of a PSD file. Some of these factors are grayscale, RGB, and bitmap, etc. DataNumen PSD Repair can recover all these elements very efficiently. It can perform all these operations on the PDD files also. Sometimes, some compressed files will be there to deal with. In such a case, this software will work very efficiently too.

DataNumen PSD Repair

Impressive Compatibility

Normally, a software company offers separate computers for the desktops and servers. But, DataNumen does not provide any such versions of the PSD Repair. Rather, this software is compatible with every version of Windows OS and Server. Another important thing is, it can be used very easily to deal with any desktop and server. Similarly, DataNumen PSD Repair is compatible with every version of Adobe Photoshop. That means, it can repair all kinds of corrupted PSD files. Like any other product of the same brand, this software has a batch processing capability. You just have to set everything up and import a set of files. Then it will recover as much data as possible from all these files.

DataNumen PSD Repair Discount and Pricing Options

First of all, you have to consider the total number of users for DataNumen PSD Repair. If you want to get it for your own, then only $149.95 should be paid without the discount. But, most of the people love to purchase this software for multiple users. Only in that case, a volume discount facility can be enjoyed. If you get it for 2-9 users, then only $119.95 should be paid per user. This per user cost will become only 89.95 USD, if this product can be purchased for 10-24 users. DataNumen PSD Repair can be bought for as many users as needed.

So, please buy with DataNumen PSD Repair discount. Purchase the powerful tool to recover corrupt photoshop image with coupon in 2020.