DataNumen SQL Recovery Discount & Special Coupon in 2020

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DataNumen SQL Recovery Discount

There are different types of database management systems or solutions. Among all those, SQL Server is one of the most popular solutions. This DBMS can generate the databases in multiple file formats. If the file corruption occurs in any of these files, DataNumen SQL Recovery will help you to get so much data back.

DataNumen SQL Recovery Review

A database is an arrangement of so much important data. It is an element to generate the valuable information. When a database file gets corrupted, so many important pieces of information become inaccessible. For this reason, you have to buy a database repairing solution. DataNumen provides different repairing solutions for different database management systems. The SQL Recovery is an efficient tool to recovery different types of corrupted outputs of SQL Server. It can work with the MDF and NDF database files. So, please purchase the data protection solutions with discount and avail the DataNumen SQL Recovery coupon.

High Recovery Rate

It is a fact that various companies provide different types of recovery tools for the NDF and MDF files. But, I recommend DataNumen SQL Recovery for several reasons. One of the main reasons is its high recovery rate. Where many tools can recovery below 10% of data, it can bring back more than 90% of the data. This advantage should be enough for so many people to purchase it. Another important reason for my recommendation is its working speed. It can deal with so many NDF and MDF files at a time. For this reason, it is faster than so many other tools.

DataNumen SQL Recovery

DataNumen SQL Recovery Discount and Pricing

DataNumen is always aware of the price of every product. To purchase SQL Recovery, you don’t have to pay a big amount either. If only a single user license of this software is purchased, only 499.95 USD should be paid excluding the discount. But, this cost will be reduced if you purchase it for more than one user. Suppose, you want to get it for 5 users. Then only 379.95 USD should be paid for each. This unit cost will be valid for up to 9 users. After that, it will become only 289.95 USD per user for up to 24 users. Similarly, the price of DataNumen SQL Recovery will become lesser for an increasing number of users. As it has a satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk in buying it.

Recovers Every Record

A database is a combination of so many records. This software can recover each of these records of a corrupted SQL Server database. After recovering, you will be able to save the data in a separate file. It can import a file from different kinds of local and external drives. DataNumen SQL Recovery is capable of dealing with almost all the data types. Even it can import various types of corrupted files from the virtual drives.

Therefore please purchase with DataNumen SQL Recovery discount. Buy the data protection solutions with coupon.