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DialCaller Discount

Review on DialCaller

DialCaller is a web based app for the online marketers. With this app, you can simply link up the toll free number for your business solution. This runs its activities in the 3rd party servers. With the helpful support of this tool, you can easily generate leads for your business firm. It provides long distance 1-800-spelled numbers which fits for the corresponding company name. This system is highly benefited for branding your company in an innovative way. The vendor of this platform is Satish Gaire. It supports more than 40 languages. Besides, this is compatible almost for 100 countries. Moreover, within this you will observe 24/7 voicemail access. For the marketers, it affords an effective procedure to route the phone calls to mobile or landlines. So, please buy the web based cloud app with discount and take the DialCaller coupon.

At a Glance at This

DialCaller is an outstanding one product for the beginner level marketers. To keep your marketing strategy in a positive direction, this is really effective. With this solution, you can keep your customers happy with unlimited support and benefits. It assures some advanced level functionalities for the users. First of all, text to speech feature appears. With this condition, there is no need to waste your valuable time while uploading your audio clips. After that, it provides unlimited extensions, mailboxes and analytics. If you want, you can generate custom greetings and call forwarding facilities. By depending on your need, you can enable call recording facility. In fact; you can disable this feature at any time. DialCaller also issues hosting facility with customer supports.


Working flow of DialCaller

DialCaller follows 5 simple steps to run its activities. At the very beginning, you just need to create your own DialCaller account. Then, you will be asked to add any toll-free number. In fact, it means, you can provide local area based phone number. The next stage is very effective. Here, you have to upload your voice greeting. This process can be altered while applying text-to-speech function. By depending on your own choice, you can pick up any specific one option. After setting up the greetings, you have to enable caller actions or the voicemail. This field is not mandatory for the marketers. If you feel that this can help you to grab more leads, then you can use this. Last of all, you can get your voicemail messages after logging into your account.

DialCaller Discount and Pricing Range

DialCaller issues three different packages. For the front end section, it asks $47/year. For 3 year license, it asks only $97 without the discount. For the starter level, this plan is an appropriate one. Then DialCaller Pro appears with the price of $97/year. Here, you can purchase a 3 year license policy with $197. For full professional use, DialCaller Deluxe is a suitable plan.

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