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Divi Life Coupon

Review of Divi Life

The software Divi Life mainly delivers three types of services that are divided into tutorials, plugins and themes. Divi Life’s tutorial section showcases users with methods on creating menu on their website by following and implementing the three steps. Step one is where users decide which layers they want to work with by selecting primary, seconder or footer menu. After the menu has been set by dragging and dropping, users can select the icon they wish to add. Inside the steps, users will get access to CSS codes where copy-pasting the code will produce the desired effects. All the things starting from setting titles, menus, and putting custom CSS codes are clearly viewable on the video provided. Hence, enjoy the high quality child themes with coupon and gain the DiviLife discount in 2019.

RoyalCommerce Theme

DiviLife’s unique theme is called RoyalCommerce, where four different styles will be available for the users. When customers browse online shops, the common problem faced by the masses is opening separate tabs to view each product. To provide a better alternative to eliminating this issue, Divi themes have the function to Quick view. With quick view, customers can shop and look into products much faster than before without constantly opening new tabs. Smooth navigation is important for a shopping page, hence, product sliders are added with RoyalCommerce theme. With sliders, visitors won’t need to move from one page to another as everything will be viewable at one place. Other characteristics that are available are: image zoom when hovering on top of product, and convenient shopping cart.

Divi Life

Divi Plugins

Every time there’s a new promotion or offer for specific items, promo bars are the perfect place to put it. However, to truly attract and take away visitor’s attention, promo bars need to be well designed and interesting. For this reason, DiviLife delivers stylish bars with creative designs to prevent using uninteresting and dull banners. To make promotion effective, countdown timer can be installed to maximize the promotional sale. Overlays for different occasions are provided, therefore, users can put different layers for login pages, pop-ups, forms etc. Functions of these overlays involve: adding buttons, creating columns to show package pricings etc. To easily distinguish dashboard view and the admin page, customizable plugins, and color schemes for admins are accessible.

Divi Life Coupon and Price Plans

Divi Life’s RoyalCommerce theme pack is $150 excluding the coupon, where users are granted access to all the contents by paying just one time. DiviLife has four options for purchasing their Divi Bars and Overlays, where single and three sites are $15, and $29. And other options for Divi Bars and Overlays are their Unlimited Sites, which is $59, and Lifetime which is $129. The Color Scheme pack for Divi Admin is $5, and Dashboard Welcome is available for $22. Lastly, to complete all the packages for the software, the Logo Swap is $5.

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