Dragify Discount: Purchase With Exclusive Coupon and Review

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Dragify Discount

Website previews your brand in a creative way to the available subscribers. That’s why, when you are trying to build any website, you need to concern about some prerequisite conditions. In this case, you can rely on Dragify. Dragify is a dependable one platform by which users can develop any site with custom mode. This web service affords some flexible interface by which you can easily handle your development task.

Overview of Dragify

Dragify is a powerful one tool for the online marketers. Here, you won’t need to depend on any previous technical skill. In fact; you just need to implement simple drag and drop formula to conduct the development criteria. It issues almost 44 pre-designed HTML blocks. Therefore, you can upload any type of custom images in the desired project. Then, if you want, you can maintain the designing task of text color, text size, font and related terms. These activities can simply be controlled with the built-in editor. The last portion is web page maintenance. Here, you can assure proper link up process and export functionality.¬†So, please purchase the¬†powerful WordPress website builder software with discount and avail the Dragify coupon.

Core Criteria Inside This

Dragify mainly offers two types of builders. These are: Basic HTML Builder and Dragify For WordPress. Here, HTML builder is a simple SaaS application by which you can simply develop your own custom site. After the developing process, you can download the entire site and upload into FTP. The last part is Builder for WordPress. It includes WordPress theme plus plugin. Within this section, you will find almost 200 blocks.


Available Features Offered Here

Dragify issues flexible code editor where you can apply your own code. This is managed as HTML version. Here, you can apply as much changes as you want. After completing proper changes, you can preview the change part. Here, you will find form submission activity. In this case, form submissions are simply captured by this tool and this will email the corresponding info to specified addresses. Then, if you want, you can allow revision history. Due to having this condition, you can revert into specific version at any time. Most of all, you can publish your site in a sub domain, subfolder or custom domain.

Dragify Discount and Pricing Policy

Dragify offers three different packages. These are: Dragify HTML Builder, Dragify Agency and Dragify For WordPress. Inside HTML builder, you will find almost 300+ blocks. This is available with the price of $49/year condition except the discount. Then, you will observe Agency version. It includes 300+ blocks for HTML Pro and 200+ Pre-made blocks for WordPress. This is available with the price of $79/year. The last plan is suitable for WordPress platform. It allows 200+ blocks for WordPress sections. In order to purchase this plan, you need to pay $49 in a single year.

So, please buy with Dragify discount and purchase the powerful WordPress website builder software with coupon.