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EaseUS Review

EaseUS and its Products

For maintaining our digital life, EaseUS is an effective platform for the users. It offers various types of programs like data recovery tool, backup software, recovery tool, partition managing tool. Besides, EaseUS also issues the utility tools for recovering the needed data for the server section and the corresponding PC. From here, get the powerful backup & data recovery software with review and avail the EaseUS.

The available products under EaseUS

EaseUS issues a lot of software solutions in these categories. Under the data recovery case, you will find the platform for the file recovery, specific data recovery system and so on. These products are:

Data recovery Wizard professional: This effective software program allows the way to recover the lost data from any laptop, PC or other storage section. Sometimes, we may loss the important data due to the deleting process, formatting, OS crash and other activities. To get those data back in our PC, this solution can be used. It can apply the data recovery activities in the hard drive section, memory card, portable hard drive and other cases.

Data recovery for Mac: To get back the lost data in the Mac system, this program can be applied. To enable the data recovery activities, it applies only three simple steps. Mac based digital device, a storage section, hard drive can be recovered easily through this.


EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver: This program is mainly used to recover the lost data from the mobile phone device. In our practical life, the use of the smart phone device is getting popular. To ensure the sequential data recovery activities in any mobile phone, it offers the latest technologies with the user friendly terms. For the Android section, it offers another version like EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

EaseUS partition Master professional: For maintaining the proper balance of the hard drive, this program can be used. It is developed with the disk management activities with the partition recovery clone. To organize the hard disk section with the full optimization process, it issues the needed conditions while the data is kept in safe mood.

Todo Backup Server: This server backup solution ensures the way to back-up the essential data in a safe mode. It can restore the important files with the powerful tools and the conditions. To maintain the business activities with full performance, this solution is very helpful for the users.

The pricing issue under the products of EaseUS

For a single server on Todo Backup, users need to pay only $199. For 3 servers, $499 is needed to pay. In case of partition Master Professional, $39.95 is needed for a single license and $59.95 for free lifetime up-gradation charge. In the case of EaseUS data recovery for Mac, only $89.95 is needed. For EaseUS MobiSaver, users will have to pay only $59.95.

In such way, purchase nicely with the EaseUS review. Pick powerful backup & data recovery software with the pricing.