EasyStore Discount, Grab Excellent Coupon and Pricing in 2020

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EasyStore Discount

Easystore Review

Easystore allows the users to create their own store. The program offers the people to make their very own online store. The program offers the users easy way to organize by category. One of the ability this program provides that is to create the online store of the users of their own. When users get the chance to create their very own online store, they can easily organize their website better. Easystore also helps the users to notify by mobile if new sales come in. So, please purchase the excellent ecommerce platform with discount and have the EasyStore coupon.

Main Features

Easystore can be considered as the home for the brand of the users. As this program aids the users to make sure that they have an ecommerce store which serves all aspects. There are a lot of templates provided for creating an online store. So therefore, users get a lot of options to select from. So when users are using this application, users just need to select the template and customize them. It is as easy as that. By doing so, users will get their very own customized store. The template editing process of this tool has been made comfortable so that users do not face a lot of issues. Users can add the image and text of the store.  Users also can add the video to the store. There are no pre-requirements for the design skills needed that should be applied to this application.


Easystore enables users to accept the payment from multiple resources. Users can accept the payment over 20 resources easily. Users are allowed to have the vast options for accepting the payment which makes it easier to do the business online easily. A lot of people have different requirements of payment of different payment options. So therefore, users need to make sure that they have all the payment options available in order to maximize the sales of the business in short time. Users can set up the shipping mode to the location they will be selling. In other words, users will be able to sell to the places that they target only to ship the products.

Facebook Reply

Easystore offers the users to reply the customers easily from using FB messenger. It enables the users to focus on the conversation and helps users to keep track with the sale. The tool also offers the multi-channel selling which means users can sell to more than one channel.

Prices and EasyStore Discount

Easystore has to offer 3 different packages to offer. The basic plan priced at only 32.5 RM for the users. The plus licence priced at only 57.5 RM per month. The premium plan priced at only 82.5 RM per month without the discount. All of these packages are based on monthly packages for the users easily.

Therefore, purchase with EasyStore discount. Buy the excellent ecommerce platform with coupon in 2020.