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Obtain Elevel2 Web Hosting pricing when purchasing Elevel2 Web Hosting.

Elevel2 Web Hosting Pricing

Elevel2 Web Hosting Review

In the web section, the hosting sector is a needed one part. To maintain all the corresponding activities in the web hosting section, Eleven2 is a reliable platform in this modern time. It offers the needed facilities in the web hosting section across the whole world. It offers various types of hosting facilities like shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual web hosting, Enterprise based web hosting and so on. Under every section, a lot of variations are available and due to this facility the users can pick up the right package according to the need. From here, purchase the cloud based hosting solutions with pricing and get the Elevel2 Web Hosting.

Basic features included with all packages

The free transfer system is an effective issue under every hosting package offered by Elevel2. To transfer the needed data from one section to another, it offers the sequential steps and the functions. After that, the flexible cPanel option will be appeared. To control the website with the needed activities, it offers the simple cPanel section and the management process. To manage the server system with full functions, the needed steps are described here. After that, it offers the way to install almost 300 scripts and the apps by using the auto installer. Then, the backup procedure will be appeared. In this section, you will get the term of multiple backup system of the needed data in the desired section.

The available plans under each package issued by Elevel2

Shared Hosting: In the Shared Hosting section, the users will get almost 4 packages. These packages are: S-100, S-200, S-300 and Virtual. The S-100 packages are offered with the price of $5.95/month condition. By providing $10/month, you can get S-200 package. The S-300 package is available with the price of $20/month. The Virtual package can be obtained through $49/month.

Reseller hosting: To manage the fastest activities in the web section, Reseller Hosting is a supportive one. It offers four packages and these packages are R-100, R-200, R-300 and Virtual. The R-100 package is available through the price of $19.95/month. By paying $34.95/month, R-200 package can be obtained and this package is a popular one. R-300 package is valid with the price of $49.95/month. By paying $49/month, the Virtual package can be obtained.

Virtual Premium Servers: This also includes four packages which are VS-100, VS-200, VS-300 and Enterprise. The prices of these packages are $49/month, $99/month, $149/month and $199/month sequentially. Among of these, VS-200 is very common to the users.

Enterprise Servers: This section is used in the professional section. It offers four packages which are DS-100, DS-200, DS-300 and DS-400. By paying $199/month, $299/month, $49/month and $699/month, the users can obtain these packages sequentially. All these plans ensure the helpful customer supports with the needed conditions.

Therefore, please get nicely with the Elevel2 Web Hosting pricing. Gain cloud based hosting solutions with the review.