Email Jeet Discount: Cool Coupon On Captive Desktop Autoresponder

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Email Jeet Discount

Email Jeet Features and Review

Nowadays the email marketing is playing a big role for the betterment of the businesses. It is very easy to reach a huge number of subscribers in short time with the help of the emails. And even the IM messaging can also be done for this. Various tools are there to help for the email marketing. One of those is the Email Jeet which is very easy to use yet powerful. I can recommend this tool for two main reasons. First thing is it has tons of features. And the second one is it is completely affordable. Besides, we have made EJ way more affordable by introducug the discount. Simply follow the procedure given in the image and receive the Email Jeet coupon. Here are the highlights of this impressive solution:

Substitute of Autoresponder

You may know that the auto-responder solutions can also be used for the email marketing. But the problem is the auto-responders are very expensive. So instead of using those, you can use the Email Jeet which is affordable and perform almost similarly. And it is very easy to use so that anyone can use this to earn profit. You just have to upload the list with just few clicks. After that this tool will help you to create emails. For doing so, you can use the built in templates. Those are very easy to use and perfect for attracting the recipients. The Email Jeet offers unlimited email sending feature. That means, you can send unlimited emails to unlimited recipients. And for that, you don’t have to pay additional money.

Email Jeet

Email Jeet Discount and Reasonable Pricing

The price of this product has made this more interesting. As per the date of writing this post, the price of this one is only 37 USD excluding the discount. And there is no hidden cost with this. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees or something like that. The more convincing thing is, the Email Jeet can be compatible with both the Windows and Mac. But you may need to use the virtual machine for using on the Mac platform. This tool is also very much efficient for optimizing the emails. You can get the spam score from this tool. And then necessary steps can be taken for optimizing those. Email Jeet can be considered as a cost effective product because it will help you to earn more benefits.

Email Scheduling System

The Email Jeet has the email scheduling system with which the messages can be sent automatically. You just have to choose the list and set the schedule. This this product will do the rest according the schedules. No downtime is another great advantage of this product. That is why the recipients will get the messages instantly after sending. You can also set the terms for becoming the subscribers of your campaigns. Email Jeet has a very powerful email editor. From there, you can create eye catching emails very easily.

Hence, please get the captive desktop autoresponder with our coupon. We believe that you will enjoy the Email Jeet discount.