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Employee Monitor

Employee Monitor – Useful Monitoring Tool

To get the best output from the employees, it is very important to monitor them. But the fact is you will not be able to monitor those all the time. That is why Exeone offers a very impressive product named Employee Monitor. It actually has the capability to show you the activities done and running on the client computers. You can restrict the unusual works of the workers very easily with it. So it is very important to increase the productivity. So, Please the employee activities & monitor worker engagement tracking software with review and avail the Employee Monitor.

Some Features & Benefits

You can check the employee performances time to time. It will let you know that how much time have been spent by them to the computers. They will not be able to uninstall or turn off the client software of Employee Monitor. So all their tasks will be recorded by it. The processes going on the desktops that can be tracked by the Live Desktop Viewer tool. So you will be able to know the workers are doing some unusual tasks or not. The data they have entered using the keyboard can be found with the help of this product. If you do not have enough time to find out the keyboard activities, you can use the snapshot capturing tool. You can take the snapshot and from that you may know which windows are opened. The histories of the entire machines can be recovered by the Employee Monitor.

Remote Management System

One of the best features of this product is it will let you deal with the employees remotely. It will allow you to send small files and documents to the client computers. Small messages can also be interchanged between you and your employees. That means this powerful monitoring software can establish an instant messaging system. The client software which will be installed to the computers can be maintained remotely also. Employee Monitor will take into account all the targeted desktops into its network. So you will face no problem to connect with your employees.

Various License Packs

The Employee Monitor is available with large and small licenses. The Site License is a larger one and it is for monitoring 20 different users. To get this pack you have to pay only $599.95. Medium License of the Exeone product has been designed to monitor 10 client computers. According to the date of writing this article, the price of this license is $329.95. If you have a small team of only 5 mates then the Group License is enough for you. You can buy this for $199.95 only. The tiniest plan is the Small Team License which is for 3 employees. To get this little pack, you have to pay only $139.95. No matter which license you purchase, that can only be used in the targeted computers. In each computer two time installation is allowed.

In such way, please buy nicely with the Employee Monitor review. Make purchase of employee activities & monitor worker engagement tracking software with the pricing.