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Exabytes Review

Exabytes and the overview under this

In the web industry, hosting is a needed one term. To provide the web hosting services in various sections with the needed conditions, the users can simply rely on Exabytes. Exabytes is providing the web hosting services since 2001 and now it has placed itself in the first position in web hosting section in Malaysia. From the time of establishment, it has already managed more than 60,000 customers almost in all sections like individuals, small or large business sections. Besides, the government websites can also be hosted with the helpful support of this. Under Exabytes, the users will observe the best customer support and maintenance system in server section. Besides, the best technical support is also assured from this platform. Therefore, get the powerful business web hosting solution with review and avail the Exabytes.

Web Hosting features under this

E-commerce hosting: In the e-commerce section, Exabytes offers the best hosting plans. To manage the e-commerce based site with the user defined condition, the users can rely on the hosting packages offered by this. Here, you will get three packages and these packages are: Platinum, Business and Basic.

Small Business Hosting: For the small business section, Linux based web hosting is offered. Here, you will get three plans which are Ebiz plus, Ebiz Gold and Ebiz Gold Platinum. All these packages offer 10 GB, 300 GB and unlimited disk space sequentially. For Ebiz plan, $111.60 is needed. For Ebix Gold and Ebiz Gold Unlimited, you need to pay $183.60 and $207.65 sequentially. All these prices are valid for 2 year license key. If you want to purchase the business plan operated by the Windows plan, then you will get two packages.


Server system issued by Exabytes

Dedicated Servers: The dedicated server based solutions under this platform offers the way to ensure the best improvement in the running business section. They manage the needed conditions like data centres, networking sectors, applications infrastructure and the hardware sector. Under the available server sections, the users will get a maximum controlling system, supporting condition, uptime guarantee and other conditions. It offers four plans which are Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually. For the annual package, you need to pay $1,188. $99 is needed to pay for the Monthly package. Then, you will get a Virtual Private Server under Exabytes. It includes three packages and these are VPS 1 Linux, VPS 2 Linux and VPS 3 Linux.

Other functions fulfilled by this solution

Exabytes ensures some other conditions like security system and backup procedure. The security system is one of the best conditions under any site. Then, it assures the way to backup the private data in the needed drive. In this process, the personal data will be kept in safe mood and you can retrieve them at any time.

From here, please buy nicely with the Exabytes review. Make purchase of powerful business web hosting solution with the pricing.