Helicon Jet Coupon, Receive Exclusive Discount and Review

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Helicon Jet Coupon

Microsoft Internet Information Services is a popular web server. To improve the IIS server performance, you have to use a specialized software. My recommendation is to depend on the Helicon Jet, which is a well-known product of HeliconTech.

Helicon Jet Features and Review

Two things are very much important for any kind of servers. First of all, the performance of a server should be very good. And secondly, it should be strongly protected. Now considering the performance issue, you have to maintain a good performance of your server by using a reliable software. It is very easy to find out a performance booster for a desktop computer. But, it is not that easy in the case of Microsoft IIS Servers. HeliconTech provides the Helicon Jet, which can be considered as a reliable tool to improve the performance of any IIS server. So, please purchase the web traffic & improves IIS server performance with coupon and gain the Helicon Jet discount.

Efficient Compression

This software works depending on three different methods. The first technique is, it can compress all kinds of server responses. No matter, there is an HTTP or HTTPS connection, it can perform a compression operation with a high efficiency. It is not necessary to configure this software from a single interface. It comes with a unique type of control facility. For this reason, you will be able to handle this from different applications and even from a URL rewriter. Real time compression is another great feature of Helicon Jet. Normally, a server performance booster cannot ensure a speedy C++ module implementation. But, this software is a superb performance in doing so.

Completely Safe Operation

Performance boosting is important for all kinds of server. But, some tools can make some harms while performing such operation. Helicon Jet does not create any such problem. You don’t have to set anything manually. This software comes with a predefined set of settings. For this reason, every operation can be performed by it safely. There are two types of caching. These are server side and client side caching. Helicon Jet can perform both these caching operations. That is why, it is capable of saving the web traffic very efficiently.

Helicon Jet Coupon and Pricing

HeliconTech provides only a few products. But, each of its products can be considered as affordable. To purchase the Server License of Helicon Jet, you have to spend only $269, according to 28 April 2018 excluding the coupon. This license is for only a single virtual or physical computer. If 1-4 units of this product are purchased, then there will be no change in the unit cost. But, a volume discount will be valid if more units are purchased. For example, if you need 5-9 units of this product, then only $228.65 should be spent for each. Similarly, this unit cost will be reduced to only 194.35 USD, if 10-24 licenses of Helicon Jet are bought.

Therefore, please purchase with Helicon Jet coupon. Buy the web traffic & improves IIS server performance with coupon.