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HelpNDoc Discount

We need to create some help files and other documents for various reasons. Normally, we depend on multiple tools to generate these documents. But, there is one solution that can deal with all these files. The name of that solution is HelpNDoc. It is an efficient help authoring solution.

HelpNDoc Review and Features

Suppose, you run a business. There can be so many products and service to deal with. The users of each of these products need a manual or help file. Similarly, you may need to offer some eBooks and ePUB files. All these files can be generated with by using some software or tools. But, there are only a few solutions that are able to generate all these. HelpNDoc is one of these solutions. A big number of users use this software with a decent satisfaction. So, please purchase the powerful windows based help authoring tool with discount and avail the HelpNDoc coupon. Let’s have a look at its major features and facilities:

Very Useful Interface

Normally a help authorizing tool comes with a very complex user interface. That is why, a new user faces so many problems to handle it. HelpNDoc is not such a complex solution. Its user interface is very impressive. It comes with the popular Ribbon facility. This ribbon consists of a big number of useful tools. At the same time, you will have a familiar environment like Microsoft Office. This solution comes with almost all the important tools. For example, it has a WYSWYG topic editor. That is why, you will be able to generate various topics very easily. HelpNDoc comes with a top quality editor to create the table of content. Similarly, it has a keyword editor too.


Supports Multi-Format

I have already mentioned that you can generate various types of documents by using this software. Now, let’s what it can actually produce. For example, this software is capable of creating various CHM help files. It is also able to deal with all kinds of HTML documentations. After purchasing HelpNDoc, there is no need to depend on any other PDF generator. This solution will help you to create all kinds of printable PDF files. Similarly, you can generate the eBooks, and ePUB files with it. It comes with some powerful templates. These templates are useful for creating any document in a quick time. Even, it will help you to create some iPhone websites with ease.

HelpNDoc Discount and Rich Media Library

A document does not mean some texts only. You have to use some media files also. HelpNDoc includes a rich media library. This library consists of various media files like images, videos, and HTML code snippets. Some new elements will be added to this library regularly. That is why, you have to update that whenever it is necessary. HelpNDoc has and project analyzer. There can be various broken links in your project. This built in tool will help you to get rid of these broken links.

Therefore, please buy with HelpNDoc discount and purchase the powerful windows based help authoring tool with coupon.