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HostHavoc Discount

Review of Host Havoc

People play games to take a break from life’s hectic work and to relax, to have an enjoyable time. But while gaming, if the servers are constantly showing problems like having lag issues or constantly goes offline, that’s frustrating. To terminate server issues, Host Havoc allows users to host their own gaming servers. For any popular games, especially when there’s a huge fan-base and a community, there’s always something to discuss and share. Hence, HostHavoc provides services for web hosting so that users can create their own discussion forum, make blogs and more. Signing up for a web hosting account is easy, and installation process is no longer than fifteen seconds. To protect against malicious activities, the software has laid out DDoS Protection so that users’ servers runs 24/7. So, please purchase the Powerful web hosting solution with discount and avail the Host Havoc coupon.

TeamSpeak 3 Servers

For instant voice communication and instantly sharing contents among a large group of people, TeamSpeak 3 is the best platform. Therefore, users can use Host Havoc to purchase TeamSpeak 3’s servers so that smooth communication is maintained at all times. When playing team based games, talking back and forth is important to know what’s happening in the game. Or, when an online meeting is taking place, clear exchange of voices is vital. For cases like these, TeamSpeak 3 shines the most by being an ideal software for purposes like gaming, education, business. Inside the servers, multiple channels can be created, and users are manageable by assigning different roles and power. Smooth transition of voice is guaranteed as it has high-quality bandwidth, and location changer is provided for better ping.

Host Havoc

Game Servers

Host Havoc has services for gaming servers which includes some of the most popular games in the current market. Some of these games for which servers are purchasable includes: Counter Strike: GO, Squad, Rust Experimental etc. All of the gaming servers give users the complete access to FTP and has file manager for easy management. For the server admins, any necessary changes in rules or an action are quickly accessible through the command line manager. This command line system is applied for all the gaming servers, which makes server configuration more convenient. All server updates or necessary restarts are automatically executed, and installing mods take only one click.

Host Havoc Discount and Price Plans

Host Havoc’s gaming servers for Squad, Counter Strike: GO, and Rush Experimental is $18.50, $10, and $14 without the discount. All these servers for gaming delivers twenty to thirty slots as default which are expandable if required. Host Havoc’s TeamSpeak servers provides twenty slots for a starting price of $4, and Web Hosting’s Silver is purchasable for $4.99. Web Hosting has two more plans called Gold and Platinum which are set at $7.49, and $9.99. Silver package gives disk space of 250MB, whereas Gold and Platinum allows 1GB, and unlimited disk storage.

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