LinkFreeze Discount, Get Cool 10% off Coupon and Review

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LinkFreeze Discount

There are different types of websites. Every website owner wants to get a good rank from the Google and other search engines. That is why, it is very important to remove every dynamic link from a website. This task can easily be done by using LinkFreeze.

LinkFreeze Review and Features

No matter what type of websites you have, it is very important to optimize that. This optimization can be done depending on different parameters. One of these parameters is the presence of dynamic content. Almost every search engine does not like such content. That is why, you have to replace every dynamic link with a static one. But, it is very tough to find out these links and replace those without taking help from a professional tool. There are a few tools, which can be used in doing this task. My recommendation is to depend on the LinkFreeze. This software has some very useful features. So, please purchase the search engine optimization component with discount and avail the LinkFreeze coupon.

Link Optimization

The main feature of LinkFreeze is to optimize every link on time. Whenever a client asks for a link from your website, this software will automatically convert that into an optimized one. That is why, no user will be able to see any non-optimized link. This software will also convert that optimized link back when that will return to the server. The graphical user interface of LinkFreeze is a very friendly one. Different types of text configuration files are supported by this interface. That is why, you don’t have to face any difficulty while configuring it.

Hiding File Extensions

There can be different unwanted character in a link. This software will automatically remove those characters. Then it will add some desired characters to make a static link. Another important thing is, it is capable of dealing with every unwanted character separately. For example, it can remove only the ‘?’ character from every dynamic content. Similarly, it can also remove only the ‘&’ or ‘=’ characters from every link. LinkFreeze is capable of handling different types of file extensions too. Instead of some unwanted file extensions, it can use the .htm extension.

LinkFreeze Discount and Pricing

You can use LinkFreeze for a single website. In such a case, the Web Site License of this solution can be purchased. According to this post writing time, it can be purchased by paying only 49 USD excluding the discount. A volume discount facility is also added to this product. For example, if you access 5-9 units of it, then only 41.65 should be paid for each unit. This price will be reduced to only 35.40 USD/unit if 10-24 licenses are purchased. Similarly, you can get this for as many websites as you want. LinkFreeze Server License is a cost effective product too. To purchase a single server license of this product, only 259 USD should be paid. Just like the other edition, you can also enjoy a volume discount with it.

Therefore, kindly purchase with LinkFreeze discount and receive the search engine optimization component with coupon.