Magebuzz Review: Obtain Fantastic Pricing on This Tool

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Gain Magebuzz review when purchasing Magebuzz.

Magebuzz Review

Magebuzz and Its Activities

TO provide the Magento extensions, Magebuzz is a reliable platform to the users. Besides, this platform is able to assure the Magento templates and the custom based developing services. All the Magento extensions are developed by depending on the customer feedback. So, all the extensions contain high quality performance, easy customization process and the amazing supporting condition. In fact; the extensions are developed with the open source condition. That’s why; any developer having knowledge in Magento can customize the needed extension. In the quality section, it tries to maintain the best productivity while controlling the standard. So, get the powerful magento extensions e-commerce solutions with review and avail the Magebuzz.

The available extensions issued by Magebuzz

Banner Ads Manager: This is an active marketing tool and it is applied in any e-commerce store. This tool can be used by any Magento store occupier by which s/he can control the unlimited banners under the corresponding site in an effective way. The uploading process of the banner is very simple with the proper customization process. Besides, the available banner previewing system is valid almost in 35 positions. The activity of sorting the banners is available through the sliding system. Under each banner, you can add the needed information, status, URL and other conditions.


Affiliate: To build up any affiliate network, this extension is issued by Magebuzz. To run the affiliate program in the Magento store, this is a helpful solution to the users. It offers some needed functions like improvement the selling process by using the affiliate programs. The managing process of the commission and the transaction can be handled through this tool.

Newsletter POPUP: This tool is a needed one to achieve more newsletters from the subscriber. It issues the way to preview a form pop up system when the available customers visit the home page section of the corresponding site and the visitors subscribe the needed newsletter through that form. To attract a lot of subscribers, here it offers the coupon code system. These coupon codes can be sent to the subscribers through the available module.

Events calendar: To manage and sell the event based tickets from any Magento Store, this extension is used. Event calendar offers all the helpful functions to organize the tickets from the Magento stores. To preview all the events, it uses the nice calendar system. To handle the events, it uses various category systems with the proper information and the activities.

The pricing issue under the extensions of Magebuzz

To get Event calendar, you need to pay only $49. For getting Newsletter POPUP, only $39 is needed. In the case of Affiliate tool, $69 is needed to pay. By issuing $49, you can purchase banner Ads Manager. Moreover, Review Booster is also available at the price of $49.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the Magebuzz review. Make purchase of powerful magento extensions e-commerce solutions with the pricing.