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MageNet Discount

Review of MageNet

In 2007, MageNet has been established and have been operating in the advertisement industry. MageNet has big advertisers’ list that are ready to regularly purchase hundreds and thousands of context based ads. Users can join to work alongside this software for free by simply signing up from the website. The requirements needed for signing up are the users’ name and their email address. Looking for advertisers won’t be an issue as the system will bring them to users instead. Hassles like negotiating and bargaining for suitable payments with advertisers are unneeded, since, best deals will be sorted automatically. Ads placements, and payments for users are both performed professionally and also automatically. For skeptical individuals, there are eighty seven thousand publishers getting healthy payments through using this application. Please take the responsive wordpress plugin with discount and gain the MageNet coupon.

Website Monetization

Users facing problems with monetizing their website should look no further and turn towards MageNet. To start processing, all of users’ website needs to be added to the software’s system followed by installing ad-placement plugin. Then, users can customize the prices for advertisements or can just continue with the default price rate. For getting reports, mobile phone have to be added, and there is a notification setting that needs to be setup. Right now, the application’s method for providing users with income is through contextual ads. For users who’re not satisfied with the amount they’re earning at the moment can allow the software to manage it. The system promises users to increase the monthly earning by thirty percent.


Website Advertisement Network, and Plugins

MageNet Network contains thirty thousand websites which fulfills different niches, and are in different countries. The application will give a detailed and planned roadmap for implementing the strategies for users’ digital marketing. Services for maintaining and handling advanced technical issues for users’ campaign launch are provided by the network. These are done in hopes of forwarding visitors that are highly interested in users’ services and their products. Every month, users will get a report which will contain the result and status of users’ ad campaign. Having difficult work taken off, there’s only relevant traffic, high conversion rate, and increased brand awareness left to gain. Lastly, there’re plugins that’re installable on users’ website, and one of its functions is providing detailed statistics.

MageNet Discount and Price Plans

For $25, MageNet offers slots for upgrading users’ current position to become a VIP publisher. For helping with installation and repairs, the fee is set to $5 per websites. Quality contents takes time to create, and it’s easier to just purchase it, hence purchasable contents are available. MageNet’s purchasable contents are scaled as: $50 for five-hundred words, $150 for fifteen-hundred words, and $300 for three-thousand words without discount facility.

In conclusion, please purchase with MageNet discount and have the responsive wordpress plugin with coupon.