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Mailjet Review

To maintain our modern life in an effective way, we need to depend on the online based activities. Among all of the activities of the online section, the presence of the email sending process is a needed one term. To assure the task of email sending process to a lot of recipients, we need to rely on a mass email sending tool. In this case, Mailjet is very supportive. This tool is mainly used to send out the customized emails to the defined recipients. This holds the built-in mailing list managing system and the recipient’s controlling system. To send the emails to the recipients, it holds some functions and the rules. According to the defined format of the users, the customized emails will be sent automatically. From here, purchase the secure & reliable email delivery platform with review and avail the Mailjet.

MailjetĀ and the Review

In the age of modern technology, the presence of the online system has enabled a lot of support in our practical life. In fact; we are totally dependent on the online system to organize all the needed functions. Under the online based activities, emailing section is a needed one part. In this section, Mailjet is a trusted name. This company was developed in 2011. From this time, it is providing the email experience with the powerful impact. To assure the marketing and the development team in a single platform, the email creating, sending and optimization system is very essential.


The Main Functions

By depending on Mailjet, you can send out almost 6,000 emails in each month to the needed recipients. This is a trusted one for the developers, marketers and the related sectors. It uses the better email sending process with the needed security system. It applies mainly three formations and these are email creation, sending and the optimization system.

The Features Offered

Optimize: In the last section of Mailjet, we will get the term of optimize. In this section, we will get three options and these options are: A/X testing, campaign comparison and tracking tools. In this section, we can easily ensure the campaigning process and the reporting system in a flexible way.

The Packages and their Prices

Mailjet offers six plans for the flexible email sending process. These packages are: Bronze, crystal, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All these packages offer through Euro. The Bronze package is issued for the personal section. This package can buy through the Euro by 5.49. Then the Diamond package is offered in the professional section. User can purchase this package through 599.95 Euro. It includes 3,000,000 contacts and 2,500,000 emails. For the mid-range business section, you can choose either Gold or Platinum package. The Crystal, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond package can obtain through the price of 17.45 Euro, 54.95 Euro, 149.95 Euro, 299.95 Euro and 599.95 Euro sequentially. However, among all of these packages, the Diamond package offers a lot of features with the user defined facilities.

Hence, please get nicely with the Mailjet review. Pick secure & reliable email delivery platform with the pricing.