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MailPoet – Amazing Newsletter WordPress Plugin

For any email marketing campaign, you must use the newsletters. It is better to use tools or plugin to create the newsletters. It is not so easy to find out such plugin because lots of companies offer such product. The MailPoet can be recommended to you because of its simplicity and powerful features. From our discussion below you will be able to know why this product is so popular. We also have provided the pricing plans of this amazing WordPress plugin. Hence, purchase the powerful WordPress plugin with review and avail the MailPoet.

Drag & Drop Type Interface

The interface for this type of plugin is very much important to be considered. If you consider the interface of MailPoet then you will be amazed. It is completely drag and drop type. So you can add the contents very easily to your newsletter. So you don’t have to know about HTML to create the newsletters. The statistical newsletters can be created by this WordPress Plugin. You will be able to be sure that which subscribers have opened your messages and who clicked on the links. So you don’t have to use other tools for getting the statistics about your campaigns. You can work with as many subscribers as you want with any of the paid versions. Even the free version of it is for 2000 subscribers.

Auto Responding Feature

For handling the large number subscribers, the auto responder tool is very much needed. MailPoet has this type of tool. So it can send the greetings, confirmation and other type of notice messages automatically. Another very important thing is it will let you know the details about each of the subscribers. As this is a WordPress plugin, you can send your message to the users of your WordPress sites. While working with the newsletters, you have to consider that those will not be considered as spams. MailPoet will let you get the spam scores of the emails. If you have this then you don’t have to remove the bounced mails manually. It can do that with its own. It can work basis on the power of the authors, admins and editors.

Editing Tools & Templates

You can add different bars and fields to your newsletters. To add the fields, you don’t have to face any difficulty. You can use the form to your WordPress site as a widget or short code. You have to ensure that those forms will not look annoying to the customers and visitors. 30 free templates will be offered to you. With those you can create the mails in just minutes. Those templates also support the Photoshop files. When this article was written, the annual price of the Blogger plan of MailPoet is 75€. This plan is for a single site. For using it for four different sites, you can purchase the Freelancer Plan for 189€. You can purchase the Agency Plan for 299€ to use it to unlimited sites.

Therefore, please purchase nicely with the MailPoet review. Buy powerful WordPress plugin with the pricing.