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McAfee internet security Review

Review of McAfee internet security system

Tests conducted by “AV-Test” prove that MacAfee Is one of the best internet security softwares out in the market when speaking in terms of security, user-friendliness and high end performance. Famous anti-virus softwares like Norton come with their cons one of which is slowing down a PC’s speed performance. On average, most of the anti-virus softwares in the market affect a PC’s speed by about 3 second. Hence, please the best antivirus software & internet security tool with review and avail the McAfee internet security.

However, MacAfee’s average effect on a PC’s speed is only 1 second. The numbers in comparison might seem small but in a system where multiple programs are run at the same time, all the computational time added up could save a lot of the user’s time while simultaneously ensuring a secure system for the user to work on. Further tests showed that McAfee was able to neutralize all 138 samples of malware thrown at it scoring a 100% test result, while most average internet security softwares scored around 94%. McAfee is highly effective internet security software with high end antispam and antiphishing security feature.

Complex Antispam feature

The antispam settings toolbar for McAfee provides various configuration options for the user to choose from. Levels of spam protection can be adjusted in the spam filter option, thus allowing the user to enter previously known sites without hindrance from the software. The default spam setting system prevents spam from entering the user’s inbox. Moreover, McAfee internet security system is intelligent enough to not misfile important mails as spam. McAfee also makes emailing very comprehensive by allowing many features such as allowing importing friends, from one email client to another. Other features allow you to block emails which have a specific written pattern, hence proving further spam filtering options.

McAfee internet securityParental Control feature

MacAfee’s parental control settings can be configured to deny access to inappropriate sites thus controlling a child’s internet view ability. Moreover, parents can also configure and control a child’s internet usage limit, such as weekly or hourly time basis. Parent can also view and analyze a child’s internet history behavior using a reporting system which allows parents to view the time period a child has spent surfing the net. The reports are very detailed showing the names of domains attempted to be entered and attempts of internet access when not allowed by the time schedule set in the parental configuration settings.

Pricing of McAfee

In terms of pricing, the new McAfee Internet Security (2016) is very flexible offering wide range of pricing for different packages, each suiting a user’s profitability. The McAfee antivirus software alone can be bought for only $20 providing unlimited licenses for its clients and a cross-platform support. Investing a further $10 allows users to enjoy MacAfee’s “Total Protection” and “LiveSafe”, providing even more comprehensible configuration settings to choose from.

Accordingly, please buy nicely with the McAfee internet security review. Gain best antivirus software & internet security tool with the pricing.