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Products and Review of MetaCDN

The number of companies, which offer contend delivery network, is not small. To be fact, so many companies are there to offer such product. Some of those are popular all over the world. It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that the MetaCDN is one of those popular names. Content delivery network is one of the products of this brand actually. It also offers the live video streaming facility. Both of these two products are available with very much impressive pricing. Please get the cloud-based content delivery network solution with pricing and have the MetaCDN.

Content Delivery Network

The MetaCDN offers the highly efficient multiple CDN facility. It is more advanced than the standard content delivery networks. It is combined by so many CDN providers of various locations of the world. Those providers delivers various contents like videos, images and others to the end users. And the end users will get the contents from the fastest providers among the available ones. This is one of the reasons why the multi-CDN is such efficient. Another reason is the service will be available all the time.

If one provider cannot host the contents in any case, the contents will be provided from other providers. That means, 100% uptime will be guaranteed all the time. MetaCDN team will always keep eyes on the performances of the providers and keep those fast. You will get all the necessary reports and analytics on traffics or visitors. This content delivery network will accelerate your website finely.

StreamShark Live Streaming

This is another product powered by the MetaCDN. For attracting more viewers and hold them on your site, you can use this live video streaming solution. Very advanced streaming network has been used in this. That is why the live streaming delay will only by 3-5 seconds. Mobile compatibility is another great advantage of the StreamShark. So, the mobile viewers will be engages more to the videos. Just like the MetaCDN, it will also provide you the necessary viewer analytics report. Another good thing is you will be allowed to set the specific pages for showing the contents.

Pricing of the Products

Affordable and flexible pricing plans are offered for both the products of MetaCDN. The Content Delivery Network has three different plans. The monthly price of the Basic Plan is only $20 and it includes 50 GB. 1 site will be accelerated by this. Another plan of this product is the Lite Pack which is available for $50/month only. It is for the acceleration of 3 websites. And the Pro plan is for accelerating 6 sites. To get this, you have to pay 100 USD per month. MetaCDN powered StreamShark has three plans also. Among those, the Pro Plan is very much popular. The price of this one is 100 USD for each month. It is perfect for 6 simultaneous streams. Almost 1 thousand GB transfer is included in this plan.

Hence, kindly buy nicely with the MetaCDN pricing and get the cloud-based content delivery network with the review.