MySiteAuditor Discount | Cool Coupon in 2020 on SEO Audit Tool

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Get excellent 10% cash back as MySiteAuditor discount, as per below image.

MySiteAuditor Discount

This discount offer is applicable for any MySiteAuditor plan and also applicable if you sign up for free trial first and then upgrade to the paid plan. Just make sure that you sign up for the free trial wtih our ‘Click to Redeem’ link above and write to us when you upgrade to paid plan.

Review of MySiteAuditor

Nowadays, as online market is booming, more and more corporate agencies are shifting towards selling products online. However, having an online market is not enough as a large number of traffic is also needed. Manually posting content and harvesting traffic can be a very tiring and time consuming task. And without active customers and audiences, an agency cannot make a profitable revenue. To tackle such problem, there is a highly recommended software called MySiteAuditor. This cool MySiteAuditor enables users to merge and add a SEO tool to users’ website to make more sales and get leads. If you liked the MSA features, then please purchase with our discount. The MySiteAuditor coupon is going to be really useful. Now, let’s look at some of the features provided:

Easy Usage

There are various software out there that are downright too complicated to use. Also, these types of software don’t provide any sort of manual guide for users to operate their product. All these problems results in wastage of users’ precious time and valuable resources. Unlike these software, MySiteAuditor, is extremely easy to get started with and is friendly to both new and experienced users. With as little as three simple steps, users can start operating this software. Firstly, users need to upload their logo, preferred colors and contact information. The second step is to embed the tool to all the sites used by the users. Lastly, users will be immediately notified by MySiteAuditor through email whenever there is a new lead.

MySiteAuditor Discount

Advanced and Flexible Tools

MySiteAuditor delivers users with a wide range of flexible and advanced tools to increase the rate of conversion. A large form is provided to be used on websites to create a list of active customers. Attractive and attention grabbing notification bar is provided to help audiences find the audit tool. Users can run a limitless number of high quality designed audits on clients’ sites. Whenever audiences run the tool or user gains a lead, there is no need to manually check the email. This is because each time either of these occurs, users will get an automated notification on their email. Hence, users can immediately get in contact with active customers to offer services.

MySiteAuditor Discount and Price Plans

MySiteAuditor has two types of monthly subscription plans available at a very affordable price. Basic plan can be purchased for $39 per month and Pro package can be purchased for $79 per month without the discount. Users will get a trial period of ten days, to try and test out the product before purchasing it. The free trial is applicable for both Basic and Pro packages.

In conclusion, please have the SEO audit tool with our coupon. We hope that the MySiteAuditor discount is going to give you a good product experience.