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Online Chat Centers

Online Chat Centers Review

Though the number of online chat software is very high, all of those cannot be recommended. Before choosing any of those, you have to consider the features and popularity. Normally the popularity indicates the quality of any product. The Online Chat Centers have started to gain its acceptance from 2005. Now, in more than 18 thousand websites, this product is running. So it can be understood easily that this chat software is of very high quality. Three different kinds of licenses of this product have been offered. One of those is free and the others are paid plans. I have described on the two paid plans of this amazing chat software in this review. Hence, buy the powerful live chat software with pricing and avail the Online Chat Centers review.

Premium Plan Features

The Online Chat Centers have come with 12 color themes. That is why you can easily customize the chat window using those themes. The chat window will look more colorful and hence the visitors will be more attracted. This software is very easy to use and that supports both the Windows and Mac platforms. No matter what is the type of your site, visitors can come there from various part of the world. All of them may not know the English Language well. In those cases, the real time translation facility of Online Chat Centers will be helpful. This software supports both the automatic and custom chat invitations. It can collect various user information such as the location. The real time mouse tracking program of this will let you know the user activities. The Premium License of it can be used in one website only and it supports one operator.

Enterprise Edition Advantages

One operator may not be enough for all types of websites. That is why the Enterprise License of the Online Chat Centers supports unlimited number of operators. So it is suitable for the large business websites. Another important, perhaps the best, feature of this product is it can be installed on unlimited number of websites. Priority customer support is another good thing of this license. Online Chat Centers Enterprise License also provides all the features of the Premium Plan.

Pricing of the Licenses

Costs for both of the licenses are very much amazing. For the Premium License of Online Chat Centers, you have to pay only USD 5. So this one is for the personal business or small business websites. But for the enterprise uses, you must get the Enterprise License. For enjoying this plan with all the advanced features, you have to pay only USD 50 for each month. I have mentioned earlier in this review that the Premium Plan is for one operator and one website. But this facility is completely flexible. You can add additional operator for 2 USD per month. For the same price, additional website can also be added. So it can be said that, both the licenses of Online Chat Centers are very much impressive and cost effective.

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