Parted Magic Discount and Special Coupon in 2020

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Parted Magic Discount

Review of Parted Magic

Students and Office individuals have tons of documents and reports that needs a large portion of disk space to store. As the amount of work load increases, it can be quite difficult to manually manage disk space to save documents. At the same time, users need to be careful when deleting documents to make space, and not remove important files. All these can be a huge hassle, especially for users who needs to work for longer hours. Parted Magic delivers users with advanced tools to efficiently partition, erase, clone and perform many more activities on their disk. Enjoy all the advanced tool of PM by purchasing with our discount. Our Parted Magic coupon is going to save you some good money on the tool.

Secure Disk Erasing

There are various other software out there that provides services for erasing disk. Most of the time, these types of software tend to be very unreliable and risky to use. Unlike these software, Parted Magic delivers users with safe and secure process of erasing their disk with no risk involved. This software provides a dashboard where users will be able to view all information, and select options regarding disk erasing. Regardless of whether users want to erase their solid state drives or hard disk drives, the software works with both. Instead of waiting for the process to complete, user can select the beep option. This option will immediately notify users as soon as erasing processes are completed.

Parted Magic

Efficient Management and More

Parted Magic provides quick and simple solution to disk partition where users can efficiently manage and partition their disk. Users can manipulate the size of their C-drive on their computer to make space for installation of other operating software. There is no need for users to worry when they accidentally delete files or documents as data rescue is provided. With this feature, users can recover and bring their lost and deleted files at one piece. When a disk is being erased, users can check the progress and percentage from the progress dialog. Lastly, users can clone their disk, and the data that has been cloned can be saved in multiple ways.

Parted Magic Discount, Price

Parted Magic has a variety of options. Option1 package can be purchased for $11, and Option2 package is available for an annual subscription fee of $49 without the discount. Option3 provides users with USB drive where the software is already installed. These USB drives are available for different storage size starting at $20 for 16GB size. 32GB and 64GB USB drives are available for $23 and $30. Option4 delivers users with a compact disk available for $12 where the CD has Parted Magic installed.

Hence, please get the software for disk partitioning, cloning, recovering and more with our coupon in 2020. Grab this Parted Magic discount today.