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PartitionGuru Features and Review

There are several impressive tools which are offered by the Eassos brand. Undoubtedly the PartitionGuru Pro is one of those impressive products. From the name of this tool, it can be assumed that it is a disk partition management solution. But the main thing about Eassos is it always try to offer something new. That is why, this company has added some additional features of this product to make this more efficient. And you don’t have to be tensed about the pricing because that is very cheap. Among the long list of features and benefits, I have discussed the major items. Hence, please take the data recovery partition management with review and avail the PartitionGuru.

Powerful Partition Manager

It can be said that, the Eassos PartitionGuru Pro is one of the best partition manager of the world. If you have this, then the partition creating, deleting, hiding and resizing can be done without problems. It can split the partitions very safely. The partition table type can also be converted by this product without losing a small data. The backup tool for disks and partitions has been added in the PartitionGuru. It can create the images files and clones for the partitions. No matter what is the size of the targeted disk, it will create backup for that very quickly.

Useful Recovery Programs

The PartitionGuru Pro has very efficient file recovery program. So almost all the data loss issues will be solved by this with ease. It can find out the lost data from the computer hard drives and all types of external storages. Even it can deal with the virtual disks also. This product also has the partition recovery solution which is capable of restoring the entire lost partition. There can be various bad sectors on the internal and external drives. PartitionGuru will find out and repair those sectors very efficiently. Sometimes, you may need to remove some data from your device for good. This software has the necessary program to delete any data permanently. For the crashed PCs, bootable external devices are very useful. This software will let you create such bootable devices.

Flexible Pricing Options

Along with the features, the Eassos PartitionGuru Pro has very impressive pricing plans. At past, price of the single PC license of it was 79.95 USD. But as of 1 February 2016, price of this one is now only 69.95 USD. That means, it is more attractive than ever. Many of the customers need this solution for multiple computers. In those cases, the pricing will be more attractive. For the license of 2-3 computers, you have to pay USD 62/computer. And if you purchase this for maximum 10 devices, then the unit cost will be reduces to 56 USD. And 52 USD will be the unit price for more than 10 computer licenses. All the prices are actually one-time fee. After purchasing PartitionGuru, you will get free updates for lifetime.

Therefore, please purchase nicely with the PartitionGuru review and get data recovery partition management with the pricing.