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PostViral Discount

Facebook is the most popular social network right now. This platform is also used for promoting different businesses. You can also increase your sales by using this platform. PostViral is a helpful tool for this task. It can make any post popular and increase the sales.

A Small Review of PostViral

To promote any product on Facebook, you have to make some posts related to that product. If a post goes viral, it will be so good to get more customers. Making a viral post is not an easy task. People follow various techniques to make these popular posts. But, many of them overlook one big chance. The Facebook commenting facility is a nice way to engage more people, and to run different promotional campaigns. This task cannot be done efficiently without using a top quality solution. My recommendation is to use PostViral, which is a master of Facebook commenting. So, please buy the online social media traffic tool with discount and get the PostViral coupon. Its main features and facilities are:

Generate Like Gates

There are only a few tools, which can create some like-gates. A like-gate is a condition when a person cannot get a content without liking and commenting a post. PostViral is capable of creating these like-gates. For this reason, the number of likes and comments of any posts will be increased very quickly. This feature literally engages every user with every post of yours.


Advanced Auto-commenting

From the previous feature, it can be understood that PostViral can easily increase the number of shares and comments. That means, it can generate viral posts very quickly. After that, this solution uses its auto-commenting facility. Every user likes to have feedbacks of their comments. This tool can easily reply every comment on a post. You can set that comment previously.

And sometimes, you may need to post a customized comment. In these cases, this software will allow to do so via Facebook messenger. It also allows to add some affiliate links to each comment. This feature helps to get more affiliate sales and commissions. PostViral imposes no restriction on commenting. You will be allowed to make any kind of comment very easily. This software is also capable of creating some email subscriber lists. That means, there will be no need to get another paid tool to generate the email lists.

PostViral Discount and Suitable Pricing

You can purchase PostViral for only three campaigns. In that case, the Pro Plan the suitable one. It is available for only 21.95 USD. Instead of this one, many people like to have the Unlimited License. This one can be purchased by paying only 31.95 USD without the discount as per 2 January 2018. The main advantage of this license is it can be used for generating unlimited campaigns. That means it is more cost effective than the Pro Plan. There is no risk in buying any of these licenses of PostViral, because both have a 30-day money back guarantee.

So, purchase with PostViral discount. Please get the online social media traffic tool with coupon.