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Printfil – Personal Edition

Printfil Discount

Printfil and the review on this

In our modern life, the use of the computer system is very essential. Without the effective support of the computer system, we are totally unable to manage all types of tasks. The printing solution is an important task which is also organized under the computer system. In the printing case, Printfil is a mandatory solution. This program is mainly used to manage the printing solution in the Windows printers. From the Dos section to the Linux or UNIX section, this printing application can be applied with the best performance. Hence, please get the responsive windows software with discount in 2020 and the Printfil coupon.

Through the support of this, the users can remove the old and the expensive DOS based printers. This program can be used to print out the ASCII file. Through the allowed tools of this, the printing activity can be shown on the screen. Here, you will be able to see what is going to be printed and if it is correct or not. Besides, the Windows image formats like PNG, BMP, JPG and the other files can also be selected through this solution.


The Features offered by Printfil

Main Functions: It is able to preview the main activities performed in the printing case in the screen. At the time of printing, the background images or the logos can be managed with the defined format. These logos and the image files can be stored in the specific folders at the time of setting the full functions. The text section can be customized with the defined font system or the color method. After that, you will be able to print out the A4 landscape based sheets by replacing the dot-matrix printers. This application program can be configured almost with any printer that is installed in the Windows section. After that, the available printed copy can be sent directly to the fax.

Additional features: One of the best features of this solution is the font customization system. According to the needed font, the users can select any specific font provided in the Windows section. After that, the print jobs can be sent to the needed clients through email system. The print jobs can be managed through the PDF format and it is managed through the encryption mode. Moreover, the PRN files can also be printed through this.

The pricing condition and Printfil Discount

All the licenses of Printfil can be purchased through EURO. The single license can be purchased through 79.00 except the discount. To up-grade this, you need to pay 31.60 EURO. For the licenses of 2 to 10, the users need to pay only 44.00 EURO for each license. The up-gradation charge is 17.60 EURO in this category. For the Personal Edition, the users need to pay only 49.00 EURO.

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