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Ready Pricing

Ready WordPress products and their review

In the web development section, WordPress is defined as one of the easiest one platform as it offers the using format of various types of plug-in and the themes. In this industry, Ready is a supportive one platform to the users. It offers a lot of themes and the plug-in for the WordPress platform. All the themes and the plug-in are provided under Ready are professional based. Besides, they are designed in such a flexible way that, the users don’t need to apply the complex coding experience while developing any WordPress site. Hence, purchase the responsive WordPress plugin with pricing and get the Ready.

The products of Ready

Available plug-in: In the plug-in section, the first one is the ecommerce WP plug-in where the users will get a lot of user friendly activities for running any online based store. To improve the SEO processing and the keyword management system, all the helpful tools are provided under this in an innovative way. After that, the payment system and the shopping cart addition process can be managed easily through this plug-in. After that, for assuring the backup solution of any site into Dropbox, Google Drive or other section, Backup plug-in can be applied. By using this, you will get the feature of restoring the needed files and the database section.

After that, the backup system to email section and the retrieving process can also be handled through this with the flexible functions. For maintaining any photo gallery based site, Grid gallery Plug-in is an appropriate one. This solution holds the needed functions to preview the corresponding photos in a creative format. Moreover, the slideshow system can be integrated here with the needed custom format. The online presentation can rely on this plug-in. To make the sliding base activities, WP Slider Plug-in can be used where you can use the image or video file with the live preview format. In the addition process of the mapping activities, Google Maps plug-in is very helpful for the users.

Themes: Ready offers only a single theme and it is in the ecommerce section. To maintain any ecommerce site with the built-in tools and the features, this theme is very essential.

Pricing issue under the products of Ready

Ready maintains the pricing issue by depending license based. For a single license, you need to pay $49 for ecommerce plug-in. For corporate section, $99 is needed to pay. For the Developer case, $199 will have to pay. For Grid Gallery plug-in, Slider plug-in, Google Maps plug-in, the pricing condition is same. In the case of a single license, 5 sites and unlimited sites, the users have to pay $29, $49 and $89 sequentially. The WP ecommerce theme is issued freely to the users.

In such way, lease get nicely with the Ready review. Gain responsive WordPress plugin with the pricing.