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Royal Applications Coupon

It is a fact that the conventional desktop applications are offered by so many companies. But, Royal Applications comes with some remote desktop management solutions. Each of the products of this company can be considered as a powerful and affordable one.

A Quick Review of Royal Applications

If you want to deal with different connections at a time, you have to take help from a remote management solution. Now, it is an era of networks. Almost every office and organization offers an individual network. That is why, you have to use such a powerful tool to deal with each of the connections. But unfortunately, only a few companies provide different types of remote management solutions. Royal Applications is one of these companies. It provides some very important products. So, please purchase the excellent remote desktop software with discount and avail the Royal Applications coupon.

Royal TS

This is an amazing connection management solution offered by the Royal Applications. There are some other connection management tools, which can work with only a few connection types. But, this one is compatible with so many types. Some of these connections types are SSH, VNC, and RDP. A built in credential management program is another nice feature of this product. All kinds of remote desktops can be handled by this amazing software. This product of Royal Applications offers a performance viewer tool. This tool will help to show the performance of every counter in real time. Similarly, it offers the TeamViewer program to manage every TeamViewer session with ease. This software helps to share and synchronize all kinds of documents very safely and easily.

Royal Applications

Server Management

Royal Applications also provide an amazing server management solution named Royal Server. Suppose, you have the Royal TS. Now, you need to work with the clients of different platforms. In this case, Royal Server is very much helpful. It helps to manage the clients of various platforms, including MacOS, iOS, and Windows. Similarly, it also supports the Android clients. It helps to manage any kind of Windows services and events from one or more computers. You can also manage various VMware instances with ease.

Royal Applications Coupon and Pricing Facility

Royal Applications never charges a big amount for any of its products. If you purchase, the individual user license of Royal TS, then only 35 EUR should be paid. Site License of this product is available for only 549 EUR as of 27 April, 2018 minus the coupon. Similarly, the Personal License of Royal Server can be purchased by paying only 29 EUR. Its commercial license starts from 199 EUR only. Royal Applications also offers the Royal TS and Royal Server Personal License as a package. To buy this package, only 85 EUR should be paid. Each product of this company comes with an attractive volume discount facility. To enjoy that facility, you have to buy a product for more than five users.

So, please take with Royal Applications discount and purchase the excellent remote desktop software with coupon in 2019.