Serial Printer Logger Discount, Gain Wonderful Coupon in 2020

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Serial Printer Logger Discount

AGG Software is well known for offering different types of important products. One of the finest products of this company is the Serial Printer Logger. This software is capable of replacing a dot-matrix printer. And then, it can collect and store the important printing data very efficiently.

Review of the Serial Printer Logger

Sometimes, dealing with one or more dot-matrix printers becomes very difficult. Instead, it is better to use a printer logger solution. This type of provide is capable of getting different types of data of a document. After purchasing such a tool, you don’t have to waste so many papers by printing every time. Rather, you can save a document for printing that later. There are a few tools, which can be recommended for this task. Serial Printer Logger is one of these tools. This software comes with a big number of features and facilities. So, please purchase the windows data capture & printers solution with discount and avail the Serial Printer Logger coupon.

Use Multiple Ports

There are only a few tools which can utilize multiple ports at a time. This software is one of these tools. It is capable of dealing with different types of UDP, RS232, and TCP/IP ports with ease. There is no need to use the same setting for each of these ports. Rather, it will allow you to apply different settings for different ports. It can create the logs for different types of data. Serial Printer Logger is also capable of deleting and rotating all these logs whenever it is necessary. After creating every setting, you can add that to the Windows Register or INI files.

Serial Printer Logger Discount and Impressive Pricing

Till now, I have mentioned some basic features of the Serial Printer Logger. All these features are offered by the Standard and Enterprise licenses of this product. To purchase its Standard License, you have to pay only $60 according to this post creating time except the discount. Compared to this one, the Enterprise License of Serial Printer Logger is more powerful. That is why, you have to pay $105 to buy this one. A volume discount facility is added to each of these products. For example, if 2 licenses of the Standard Edition are purchased, then only 188 USD should be paid. Suppose, you need 10 units of this product. Then, the total cost will be only 730 USD. Similarly, its Enterprise Edition also has a similar discount facility,

Advantages of Enterprise License

The users of Serial Printer Logger Enterprise License will enjoy some additional facilities. For example, this software has some additional plugins. One of these plugins will automatically send any notification. In doing so, it can use the network and email messages. Another plugin can utilize the email and FTP for sending different types of data to a server. Similarly, this edition of Serial Printer Logger comes with some amazing logging plugins. One of these logging files will create some PDF log files very quickly.

Therefore, please have with Serial Printer Logger discount and purchase the windows data capture & printers solution with coupon.