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Shape5 Discount

Review of Shape5

Themes and templates are important for any website and there is nothing to argue about it. But, settling with only one or two theme is never a good option, let alone buying them separately. Hence, the software Shape5 has given free access to everyone who are in desperate need of templates and themes. Just because free services are given doesn’t mean the product must be dull. At least that’s not the case with Shape5 as this software’s themes are intuitive and maintains professional feel. Time is important, and that’s why, to set up websites in minutes, the application has delivered their very own shaper installations. Both free and paid members will receive video materials containing tutorials, and also the entire source codes. So, please purchase get the joomla templates & wordPress themes with discount and avail the Shape5 coupon.

Unique and Original Designs

Shape5 provided designs for websites that are unique and original, which have managed to take all professions into consideration. For landscaping, outdoor activities or gardening, the theme called Curb Appeal is available. This theme has one hundred and three core positions that are collapsible and has two variations of highlight color. It is natural to create websites to showcase ones achievement as a portfolio, and hence, the Arthur template is made. This theme is created to make information seeking easier where visitors can smoothly view an individuals’ work experiences and talents. To get a better insight as to what the templates/themes actually look like when implemented, there are demo previews provided. The demo enables users to view their implementation on various device simulators and on various positions.

Responsiveness, Customization, Plugins

Shape5’s designs are responsive, so that it adapts to different devices and make navigation much smoother. Customization tools are given to personalize various aspects of the template to make it more visually attractive. Functions such as the ability to highlight fonts along with multiple compatible highlight colors are also available. Users can also customize the fonts and adjust the sizes of rows and column on their layout. There are seven different plugins provided that has seven separate functionalities. The weather plugin allows users to monitor and get information on the current weather condition. Then there’s the Quick Contact plugin which is aimed at visitors who are seeking immediate contact from the users’ website.

Shape5 Discount and Price Plans

Everyone can use Shape5 for free, and get access to the software’s services forever. But for users looking to get more exclusive and high quality themes and designs, there’s paid service plans available. The basic plan is $49.99, and provides access to premium themes for three months along with a single domain without the discount. Best Value plan is $79.99 and Developer plan is $299.99, and both plans give one year of limitless accessibility. The two plans, however, have a minor difference. Best Value provides four domains while the other gives limitless domains.

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