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Sirvoy Discount

Review of Sirvoy

When planning a trip for a vacation, the first thing an individual has to do is to decide where to stay. Without a good system to book hotels or book places to stay¸ visitors will divert away to other planning services. To deliver the most flawlessly organized system for management, the software Sirvoy provides one of the best booking handling application. Sirvoy, being an extraordinary software, allows hotel or property owners to test the system for two weeks. The software is fully dedicated to working online so that visitors can access the services from everywhere across the globe. Since this software will be used worldwide, it has included languages of more than twenty different variations. So, please purchase the powerful hotel reservation system with discount and grab the Sirvoy coupon.

Booking Engine and Management

The difference between Sirvoy and other booking service providers is that this software doesn’t charge users with commissions. Whatever user earns through this application is entirely for the users to keep and no one else’s. A customer might book at any time, and it’s time demanding and inefficient to manually count the total bookings. Hence, to allow easier tracking of all bookings, the software will alert the users every time reservations are made. Booking management lets users edit bookings, and if there are changes in plans, the bookings can be cancelled. A calendar is provided allowing users to overview all the reserved and vacant slots available on a monthly basis. The management area also enables cleaning and housekeeping activities to be scheduled from the dashboard.


Room Types, Ratings and Guest Communication

Sirvoy allows users to categorize the different room types, and implement attractive room rates based on seasonal demands. Options for adding surcharges and various governmental taxes are implementable, also updating room conditions with other restrictions can be imposed. These are made possible so that both travelers and users’ hotel can have a mutual understanding regarding the prices and condition. To know how the current services are being carried out and if visitors are fully satisfied, managers can be rated. Communication is the key, and communicating with the guest and vice versa is no exception. Users will get templates for SMS and can deliver customized email to visitors to keep the other party updated.

Sirvoy Discount and Price Plans

Sirvoy offers various pricings for their services which are calculated to provide the most suitable plan. The initial plans that users will come across are Starter plan for $29, and Pro plan for $59 excluding the discount. The prices for these two plans is applicable for five rooms, or rooms that are less than five. For fifty and hundred rooms, prices for Pro and Starter plan stands at $39 to $59, and $109 to $149. There’s always a possibility of running into trouble, hence, Sirvoy has 24/7 support via phone calls and live chat.

Therefore, please purchase with Sirvoy discount and get the powerful hotel reservation system with coupon.