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SlackSocial Discount

Review of SlackSocial

As business gets bigger, it is only natural to expand the business and branch out to other areas of interest. With the expansion, new pages will have to be created for interacting with like-minded audiences, which is very energy demanding. Hence, SlackSocial provides users with the tools to easily handle multiple pages, and profiles from five different social-networking sites. SlackSocial allows the freedom to attach all of users’ accounts together, whether it’s ten or twenty accounts it doesn’t matter. Users will never face extra charges for crossing any limits, since unlimited profiles from multiple sites are allowed. Lastly, the application is open for usage by everyone as a minimum requirement to own the software is $0. So, please get the social media management tool with discount and receive the SlackSocial coupon.

Scheduling, and Post Management

Managing large groups of profile becomes a trivial task when scheduling with SlackSocial’s post scheduler. It’s simple, as users only need to do these steps: create post, select the ones for posting, and lastly, schedule. Whatever time the user feels suitable can be selected for automatically posting content, as the system is guaranteed to deliver. Everyday users can schedule to post from ten posts to up to two-hundred and fifty posts. Post management is also simplified as changes like editing, updating and rescheduling posts are possible to perform from software’s dashboard. Analysis of every post is provided which enables users to strategically adjust their posts’ contents. Every time a successful post have been delivered, a status report will be sent to users.


Profile Management, and Graphical Analysis

SlackSocial’s dashboard allows all profile managements to be done from a single platform. Users can add or update new information to their social profiles, and can also delete the profiles that are inactive. Opening different windows or tabs for different profiles became irrelevant as all management tasks are performed under one dashboard. To know the depth of impact caused by users’ post, a graphical analysis feature is attached with the software. With the knowledge gained from the statistic graph, users can better understand the customer’s demand, and eventually make better decisions. Viewing all reports and stats has become convenient since it’ll be sent to users’ email directly. Lastly, support system is responsive as immediate contacts are guaranteed through ticket queries.

SlackSocial Discount and Price Plans

SlackSocial’s Basic plan is $7, and Professional is $14 where payments will get charged every month without the discount. With these plans, users will be provided with the ability to make comments on post, hence, increasing interactivity even further. Deep analysis of users’ profile is performed, and engagement statistics for socializing are provided by these plans. Finally, both Paid and free users can integrate limitless social profiles and receive live reports with SlackSocial.

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