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SuiteCRM Coupon

Review of SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is an Open Source customer relationship management that solves and delivers solutions for various professional sectors. SuiteCRM’s registration is free, and thus, there’re four million and two hundred thousand active users using this application. Sixty nine languages are being supported, and so far, there are one thousand and fifty two translators. Some of more amazing statistics are, there’s one-hundred thousand and two hundred eighty community members, and eight hundred thousand downloads. Solutions for different roles like: Sales, Marketing, Services and even IT, are available in the software. Free downloads are given from their website, and after downloading, there’s follow through the instructions provided. All the major updates and its different versions are downloadable without restriction from the application’s upgrade section. So, please take the best open source customer relationship management tool with coupon and have the SuiteCRM discount.


Experts of SuiteCRM will coach users’ clients and members to become efficient in a period of short time. Experienced consultants will pass down their knowledge to users regarding their software’s processes, and provide key ideas related to products. Big companies that’re aiming to start operation early and effectively can apply for Boot-camp training. This training program lasts for two days, where on the first day, configurations are done, and then six users are coached. Site training directly sends top consultants for meeting users at users’ location for handing down training modules. Other methods of training include: Remote Training, Video tutorials, and personalized user manuals. Lastly, trainings are separately into three levels: User Training, Admin Training, and Developer Training.


Solutions for Sale Roles

SuiteCRM gives solution for the sales role by delivering a clean overview of all of the users’ leads. With this overview, detecting any profitable opportunities and closing down beneficial deals will occur much faster. Options to categorize lists is enabled for better management, and leads are viewable much faster as they’re fast loading. All these faster processes will let users to cut down on the response time to communicate with their clients. For in-depth information, users can view all their leads in greater details so that relevant information is retrievable and updatable. Workflow module is provided which enables business logic to be made so that identical records get sorted and monitored automatically. Dashboard graphical report module is presented to give better visibility of important insights on which users can add customized report.

SuiteCRM Coupon and Price Plans

As discussed earlier, SuiteCRM is free for downloading without any present or future charges. However, SuiteCRM has Support Plan options, which are: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver plan is £1500, and stays valid for a year from the day it’s purchased. Gold and Platinum also have validity for one year period, but their prices are £3000, and £5000 respectively without the coupon offer. Silver plan’s maximum support hour is fifteen hours while Gold, and Platinum has thirty and fifty hours of support time.

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