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Review of TrendyTheme

TrendyTheme’s templates are created with a careful and well planned approach where the end goal is to convert incoming visitors. TrendyTheme’s user experience designers make sure that enough research has been done before finalizing a theme. With this method, instead of delivering users with multi-purpose theme, the software provides themes that’re best for business. Users with online shop will receive themes that will make all the shopping products readily available for customers. Or, users who run a blogsite will get themes that has easy accessibility to their blogs for the readers’ convenience. All relevant information on the website are arranged strategically so that visitors and audiences can immediately find what they want. So, please purchase the best selling creative WP themes with coupon and avail the TrendyTheme discount.

SEO Friendly and Affiliate Program

TrendyTheme’s templates are made with the highest of care in order for it to maintain the website standards. Maintaining the standards means the users’ website will be easily visible when searched on search engine platforms or social-media sites. The ultimate outcome of all these would be users’ sites becoming both SEO and Social-Media Marketing friendly. It will not take long before online audiences get to know about users’ content and starts sharing it. This software not only provides templates for websites, but also offers all users the opportunity to earn through commissions. There is an affiliate program available where users are offered a huge fifty percent commission for simply promoting this software.


ThreeSixtyBlog Lite and Medical Template

TrendyTheme’s most well-known theme would be their ThreeSixtyBlog Lite that has the perfect blend between modern feel and advance functionality. Firstly, there are two designs available for the ThreeSixyBlog Lite theme and these designs are called classic, and modern. Facilities like sliders are provided for highlighting contents that are important or are newly updated. This facility will always give the readers something to read on the blogsite without the readers having to search manually. The medical template has two variations of layouts for the homepage, which are applicable for mobile phones as well. An interactive appointment form is added for visitors to set up a date to visit the doctor for checkup. Through this form all trivial tasks like stating the patience’s health issues and making transactions can be completed.

TrendyTheme Coupon and Price Plans

TrendyTheme have made their ThreeSixtyBlog Lite free to use, and users can, without registering, download it instantly. The Medical Template is $12 where databases for the appointment form and payment portal are installed without additional charges. TrendyTheme’s WP theme for Finance and Consulting is $39, and has popup features that displays images and also videos excluding the coupon. The themes and templates load amazingly fast, and if there’s any doubts, live demo is available. Any issues or problems will be dealt by the developers themselves soon after users apply for support tickets.

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