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Ucraft Discount

Review of Ucraft

Ucraft sets the path for users to instantly build their website straight from the application’s web page. On Ucraft’s page, when ‘Get Started’ is clicked, it will redirect users to selection page. In the selection page, users will have to choose the package they want to work with. There’re three options to pick from on this page, and these are: Landing Page, Website, and eCommerce. After choosing package¸ the third task would be choosing the templates from a collection of seventy plus templates. Finally, upon putting the subdomain name, users can sign-in or sign-up to this service provider’s website. Other tools that’re available for usage are the Logo Maker, Designer Tools, and Articles App. So, please grab the cloud hosting & website designer tools services with discount and avail the Ucraft coupon.

Website Builder, and Landing Pages

Ucraft’s website builder has drag-n-drop solution, and provides designs that’re adaptable and responsive. Integration with other social and marketing tools are possible, which allows an users’ website to stand out more. Cloud services provided will help make users’ website load superfast and improve its performance while being reliable and secure. Free treasures like powerful SEO, and Designer tools makes finding users’ website easier, and designing contents more convenient. Users will get free flexible landing pages, onto which they can add their customizations before optimizing them. The total free templates available are twenty one, and it has categories for wedding, portfolio, health etc.

For learning more about creating landing pages, there’s blogs posted that contains helpful information and effective tips.


Designer Tools, and Logo Maker

With Ucraft’s designer tools, personalizing the typography, and layout became simpler because of sliding mechanics. The weight and size of the font is changeable by using the slider and sliding it forwards and backwards. Now, editing text for different parts like headers, footers, separate paragraphs, and changing their colors can be completed much quicker. Before modifying the structure of button required users to understand a minimum level of coding. And if not coding, then they had to select from already pre-created button designs. With the designing tools, users can make their own customized button from the borders section without needing to know coding. Lastly, the logo maker lets creative logos to be made to represent users’ brand with the highest pride.

Ucraft Discount and Price Plans

Ucraft’s Website plan is $6, and eCommerce is $13, and both these plans have monthly charges without the discount. But, Ucraft’s Landing Pages, Logo maker, and Designer Tools are free, and allows team members to be invited. In eCommerce plans, the maximum size for products allowed is 100MB, and supports multi-currency and takes a 0 % fee for transactions. In Website plan, customer support is ready to give assistance twenty-four hours every day, and users can have fifteen integrations. Finally, there’ll be the application’s watermark on landing pages, but there won’t be any watermarks on websites.

Therefore, please buy with Ucraft discount and purchase the cloud hosting & website designer tools services with coupon in 2020.