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Review of the VirtoSoftware

For using the MS SharePoint, Exchange, and other apps more easily, various web parts and add-ins can be used. These helping tools are not offered by so many companies. One the very few companies provide such tools is the VirtoSoftware. This company provides more than 50 tools including some amazing web parts for SharePoints and Office 365 Add-ins. And some impressive bundles are also offered by this. Hence here, purchase the sharePoint Web & office 365 Apps with review and avail the VirtoSoftware. Let’s take a look at some of the main products of this brand:

Office 365 Add-ins

VirtoSoftware is the providers of various add-ins for the Microsoft Office 365. Some important add-ins have been mentioned in this post. The Calendar Add-in can be considered as very useful scheduling app. It will help you to create calendars for SharePoint and Exchange Online. You can use this one as many SharePoint or Exchange as you want. Events of every day and the entire schedule can be seen from the calendars very easily. Another important product for the VirtoSoftware is the Alerts Add-in for Office 365. For the SharePoint sites, this product works as a flexible notification system. For any emails, it can send necessary notification. Similarly, it can send notifications for the even modification, newly added images and documents and others.


SharePoints Web Parts

Just like the Office 360 Add-Ins, VirtoSoftware also has a huge collection of SharePoint Web Parts. One of those is the SharePoint Gantt Chart. This powerful web part will help you view all the tasks and subtasks of the SharePoint in a Gantt chart. So it will be easier for you to get your focus on all the tasks. Both the table view and Gantt view can be created with the help of this tool. Workflow Activities Extension is another good product in this category. More than 270 different SharePoint activities have been added into this for creating very impressive workflows. This workflow designer solution of VirtoSoftware is very much useful for the automation of business process.

Pricing of These Product

Most of the products of this brand are available with multiple pricing plans. For the Office 365 Calendar app, there are four different plans. One of those is for 20 to 100 users. And this will cost you 2.99 USD for each user. The Allerts Add-In also has several plans. The Basic Plan is the cheapest one. This one can be purchased by only 25 USD per month in the annual billing system. The SharePoint Workflow Activities Extension of VirtoSoftware is available for various versions of the MS SharePoint. Any of those can be purchased by 1499 USD as per this post writing time. Similarly, prices for the Gantt Chart Web Part is only 1349 USD. There are several bundles of VirtoSoftware also. One of those, is the OneLicense which is available for only 3588 USD. This one includes more than 50 available products of this company.

Finally, please get nicely with the VirtoSoftware review and make purchase of sharePoint Web & office 365 Apps with the pricing.