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Voice Pro Medical Discount

Different types voice or speech to text tools are offered by different companies. But, Linguatec offers some very powerful tools in this category. Voice Pro Medical is a specialized tool of this company. It is mainly offered for the medical clinics, centers, and chambers.

Small Review of Voice Pro Medical

In any professional area, we have to create some reports and notes. Sometimes, we have to deal with so many things at a time that it becomes very difficult to create these reports manually. In such cases, the speech to text tools are very much useful. But, you have to be careful while purchasing such a tool. If you are a doctor, or assistant of a doctor, then my recommendation is to buy the Voice Pro Medical. This software will help you to create and maintain a routine for each day and session. So, please purchase the exceptional speech recognition program with discount and avail the Voice Pro Medical coupon.

Even More Powerful

There is nothing to worry about the accuracy and efficiency of Voice Pro Medical 12. Compared to any other previous edition, this one is even more powerful and accurate. Its speech recognition capability is 99%. For this feature, it can create the exact report or note you want. We know that, our spoken speed is 3 times faster than written on average. And, this software can match to the human spoken speed. That means, Voice Pro Medical is three times faster than the average writing speed of a human. It has an individual adaptation capability. That is why, it will match to your voice signature very quickly.

Voice Pro Medical Discount and Pricing

Voice Pro Medical is specially created for the medical centers. That is why, it has a specialized vocabulary dictionary along with all the basic features. This vocabulary list covers total 25 areas of the medical profession. That means, you don’t have to purchase a separate tool anymore to deal with different areas. As per this post creating time, you don’t have to pay a big amount to purchase it. The license of this specialized speech to text solution is available for only €369 without the discount. Compared to its big list of features, this price can considered as very cheap. Voice Pro Medical also has a mobile dictation facility to accept the mobile notes as input.

Intelligent Recognition

It is fact that, there are some similar words in every language. An ordinary tool cannot differentiate these words very efficiently. But, this software is capable of recognizing all these words very easily. And, it also helps to pronounce these words and phrases very nicely. To learn such pronunciation, you just have to input these words in its text box. Voice Pro Medical is compatible with the MS Outlook, which is a great information management and mailing solution. That means, you will be able to collect the information and send so many mails by just your voice.

So, please purchase with Voice Pro Medical discount. Have the exceptional speech recognition program with coupon.