WinLock Remote Administrator Discount, Nice Coupon and Pricing

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WinLock Remote Administrator Discount

If you have a network for your employees or clients, it is very important to monitor that. There are different tools which will help you to monitor and control such a network. WinLock Remote Administrator is one of these tools. It is capable of monitoring a network from anywhere with ease.

Review of WinLock Remote Administrator

Offering a network is not the only important thing. You have to ensure a proper security to that network. That is why, a reliable monitoring tool is required. Such a tool can help to track the user information of a network. Similarly, it can grab some other data, which are relevant to monitor a network. An ordinary monitoring solution can only be used from a particular device. But, WinLock Remote Administrator is an extraordinary product of Crystal Office. This remote network security tool can be handled from any computer and any place. So, please get the responsive centralized remote management & monitoring solution with discount and avail the WinLock Remote Administrator coupon.

Manage and Notify

One of the finest features of WinLock Remote Administrator is its easy setup process. You will be able to change its settings from anywhere. After applying a setting, you can disable that anytime. And similarly, it can be enabled again. All these tasks can be done from a remote computer or mobile. This software is also capable of sending different types of popup notifications to every network user. WinLock Remote Administrator will help you to send some important messages too. Sometimes, you may need to shut down or restart a remote computer. This product will help to do so with ease.

Efficient Scanning

This software is capable of scanning network very efficiently. It will find out the information regarding every client by performing this operation. You may not need to show every program that is running on a computer to a client. In such a case, this software will help to hide any program. WinLock Remote Administrator has a very powerful snapshot capturing capability. It can perform this operation by using the webcam of a remote desktop. Similarly, it can record the user activities with ease.

WinLock Remote Administrator Discount and Pricing

Like some other products of Crystal Office, WinLock Remote Administrator has multiple pricing plans. Depending on the number of endpoint devices, its price is different. Suppose, you want to purchase this for maximum 10 endpoints. In that case, only 89.95 USD should be paid excluding the discount. In case of the 25 Endpoints License, only 199.95 should be paid for it. And, 329.95 USD should be paid for 50 endpoints. Similarly, WinLock Remote Administrator can be bought for 100 endpoints. According to 17 April 2018, the price of this license is only 549.95 USD. The current edition of this software comes with an Android App. That is why, you will be able to work with it from an Android phone.

Therefore, please purchase with WinLock Remote Administrator discount. Buy the responsive centralized remote management & monitoring solution with coupon.