Ideas Theme Review | Get Modern Communication System

For the WordPress site, Ideas is such a mandatory theme. To gather, review as well as prioritize the customer feedback on your WordPress site, this theme has many beneficial sectors. To listen up and engage the customers from your site, this is such a productivity theme.

To remove the communication gap as well as to build up a relationship with the customers for the request of new features, this theme acts like a bridge. To collect the ideas, analyzing them, prioritize them and lastly to pick up the last one it is just an awesome platform.

Ideas Theme Review

Ideas theme and the review

To reduce the activities of human, modern technology has issued many innovative platforms. Among all of the user friendly platforms, flexible communication system is an essential need for us. It’s common and systematic functions allow the users to control the information system in a qualified way. There are many sectors available to ensure the modern communication system. Website is one of them. It’s a systematic way ensures the possibility of spreading the information across the author and the whole world. That’s why; the necessity of website building techniques is increased. It’s considered that WordPress plays one of the common ways to build up any type of website in a quick process having the main architectural structure. It has the ability to support many themes which contain the system to make any change in the site.

The features under Ideas theme

Moderate ideas: The ideas submitted by the users can be published or not in a quick process. To handle this system there is an option. You can simply control the moderation functionality from the admin control panel of this theme. Besides, it also structured in such a way that, the most effective and useful information will be previewed. The additional columns are applicable for previewing the total votes and the display status.

Ideas Theme

Unlimited categories: The statuses and the categories can be customized which proves that the users can easily add any category or status. Additionally, the users can configure out the actual status representing the open status. Besides, the user profile section previews all the corresponding information like personal info and voting details. These extended details can be viewed on the frontend or backend section.

Ideas management process

The editing page for picking up the best idea allows the users to communicate in an internal or public way. The official response option of this theme allows the admin to view the vote numbers for the ideas and the posts.

Sortable and the filterable option: The best idea can be pickup up through the response and the votes. The administrators can simply sort the ideas according to the status, date, number of votes etc. Besides, a widget is available for the filtering option through the category.