Iolo System Mechanic Review, Get Nice Pricing On Software

It is very good to use such software which can make the computer fast and keep that fast all the time. Such software will ensure that you will get maximum performance from your computer.

Different types of tools can be sued for this purpose. If you want to get all the tools in same software then the Iolo System Mechanic can be a great choice for you. We have discussed about the features, versions and prices of the System Mechanic here.

iolo system mechanic review

Iolo System Mechanic and Review

Actually this product of the Iolo brand is the combination of so many tools which are necessary for computers. So to understand about the features of this product we can consider the features of the built-in tools of it. One of the best built-in tools of this product is the PC Cleanup tool which will find out and remove thousands of junk files from your computer.

The Program Accelerate tool of this product will make sure that you will be able to run various types of programs on your computer with high speed. There can be so many unused programs in your computer and those programs will be uninstalled and removed by the CRUDD remover tool from Iolo System Mechanic. It offers the NetBooster tool and this tool is very efficient to make the internet connection of the targeted computer very speedy. Iolo System Mechanic also has the LiveBoost tool which will offer the real time booster facility to your computer. This product of the Iolo brand can solve the registry problems also.

iolo system mechanic

Detailed Features of Iolo System Mechanic

In the above discussion, the features of the Basic edition of the Iolo System Mechanic have been discussed, though those features are also available in the Pro edition. If you are looking for a such suite, which will make your computer fast and protected then you can choose the Pro version. The System Shield tool of this advanced product has the antivirus as well as anti-spyware programs. These programs will make the computer free of the viruses and spywares. Pop-ups and unnecessary notifications can be very harmful when you will play games on your computer. That is why this product will block those pop-ups and notifications to provide a nice environment for playing games. For the real time protection system of this product, no threat will be able to stay on the computers.

Prices of the Two Versions of This Product

The Basic version of Iolo System Mechanic is comparatively cheaper than the Pro version. The Price of the Basic version is $39.95 and that of the Pro version is $59.95 as per 31st August 2014. No matter which version of Iolo System Mechanic you will choose, that will be compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system.