Nevron Review: Obtain Cool Powerful Diagramming Framework

Microsoft is the most popular software companies of the world. Among various products of this company .NET is one of the bests. This is actually the framework which let the programs run in the software environment. Nevron offers different tools related to this popular framework.

This product actually offers different themes which can be installed very easily. Another important thing is the widgets are easily printable.

Nevron review

Amazing Products of Nevron and Review

For more convenient use of the .NET framework, various supporting tools can be used. Those tools are provided by many companies. But among those, this company is one of the bests. It offers a large number of products and each of those is necessary and efficient.  For example, it offers a user interface for that framework. The Text Editor of this brand will also impress you a lot. For creating the diagram components, you can use the Nov Diagram of this company. Here are the details about these three essential products of Nevron:

NOV User Interface

Very much effective GUI elements have been included in this product. It is a cross platform product and that is why you don’t have to rely on other tools for any purpose. Among various built-in widgets, important ones are Backgrounds, Cursor, Image Box, Context Menu and Color Pickers etc. You don’t have to worry about the user interface performance. High performance will be shown by the Nov User Interface for .Net of Nevron.  The Professional edition of this product can be purchased by $169 only. Whereas, the price of the Enterprise edition is $369 as per this post writing time.


Text Editor for .NET

This product can be considered as such text editor which will offer you friendly environment like MS Word. It has the capability to be integrated with different types of projects. The tool has the automated document creation ability and it can be used for making invoices, contracts etc. The Nevron Text Editor provides the unified environment for Web and Desktop app development. Even it is perfect for RIA app developments. HTML, TXT, DOCX etc. texts can be written and read by this amazing product.

Nevron NOV Diagram

One of the most popular products of this company is the NOV Diagram for .NET. It is very easy to use but powerful diagramming framework. This product is very much efficient for single page and multipage drawing. Any type of shapes can be created very easily with it. In organizing the drawing clippings perfectly, the libraries of this tool of Nevron will help you. This is very important to arrange the diagrams nicely. By purchasing this product by $589, you can do that perfectly. This is actually the price of the NOV Diagram Professional edition. Several other editions are also available. A huge number of predefined shapes have been added in this tool. So those will be very helpful for your projects.