Tapfiliate Review: Gain Affiliate Tracking System and Pricing

In case of maintaining the task of affiliate tracking, then Tapfiliate is considered as an effective program and it is suitable for the ecommerce and SaaS section.

This cloud based solution ensures the way to create, track and the system to optimize the own affiliate programs.

Tapfiliate Review

Tapfiliate and Its Overview

The working process of Tapfiliate is performed through three single steps like setup process, recruit and the promoting task. Through the support of this, you can simply set up the affiliate programs. After that, in the recruitment section, you will get the term to sign up for the new programs through marketing it in the web section. Besides, the conversation growing process can be managed through the affiliate promotion tools of Tapfiliate.

The available features offered by this solution

In the feature section, the first term is the creating and the launching process. Through this, you can simply integrate with the corresponding modules and the guides. Then the task of setting up the affiliate programs and the commission structure maintaining process can be established. After that, the task of adding the banners and the text links under the affiliate section can also be managed easily. Moreover, the program’s invited related URL can be used to add the new affiliates.


Other features: In case of additional features, the first term is the asset management. In this section, Tapfiliate will host and it will also serve the marketing materials that are related to the programs. It can support the image banners, product feeds, text line etc. After that, the addition process of the Meta data into the conversions can be managed easily through this product. In case of conversion process, the fraud detection is an essential term and to handle this process, Tapfiliate offers an innovative tool. So, the secured conversion process will be kept under control. During the term of social sharing, some helpful conditions are offered. In the promotion process of the corresponding programs, the presence of the Tapfiliate is very supportive.

The pricing issue of Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate offers three packages and these packages are: Value, Pro and Volume. All of these packages, the Value package is suitable for the beginner level using section. It offers 1,000,000 tracking event systems. Under this package, there is no possibility to track down the multiple domains and the using process of own domain. It can be purchased through the price of $49/month. The Pro package can be purchased through the price of $79/month. It issues 2,000,000 tracking events. The last package is the Volume and it offers almost 7,500,000 event tracking process. It can be purchased through the price of $119/month condition. While using Pro and Volume package, the chance of using multiple domain tracking can be managed.